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Movie theaters in Madrid. Cinema listings

Madrid has numerous movie theaters all over the city. Some of the movie theaters are old remodeled theaters, and the majority are new projection halls. Madrid’s downtown area has the most theaters, including Gran Vía, Plaza de España and Glorieta de Bilbao. Besides the traditional movie theaters, Madrid also has places that show original movies with subtitles and independent theaters as well.

Movie listings, times and ticket sales

Movie listings vary by week, and new films are released on Fridays. Some of the most visited pages for checking movie titles and times are LaNetro, Todo Cine and El País. All of the newspapers include more current information about t Madrid’s movie listings.

In general, there are four sessions: 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m., and 10 p.m. On weekends, many movie theaters add a fifth night session that usually starts at midnight.

Movie tickets usually costs about 8€. On Wednesdays, viewer’s day in the majority of the movie theaters, the price is usually cheaper. This discount generally is applied to the first session and Wednesdays during holidays. Almost all the movie theater offer phone or Internet ticket sales. The tickets can be picked up at automated machines in the theater. Some of the more widely used pages for buying movie tickets are entradas.com and telentrada.com

The films in Madrid are dubbed in Spanish in practically all of the movie theaters. There is also a chain of theaters that show the original version of films with Spanish subtitles. Another chain is specialized in “cult” and independent films, shown in the original version with Spanish subtitles.

Cinemas in Madrid: Cines Capitol, Gran Vía
Cines Princesa near Plaza de España Cines Conde Duque in Madrid Cines Avenida in Gran Vía, Madrid
Movie theaters in Madrid

Cines Acteón: Montera 29. Metro Sol

Cines Avenida: Gran Vía 37. Metro Callao

Cines Capitol: Gran Vía 41. Metro Callao

Cines Benillure: Alcalá 106. Metro Goya

Palacio de la Música: Gran Vía 35. Metro Callao

Palacio de la Prensa: Callao 4. Metro Callao

Rex: Gran Vía 43. Metro Callao

Callao: Callao 3. Metro Callao

Cid Campeador: Príncipe de Vergara 26. Metro Goya

Cines Conde Duque Alberto Aguilera: Alberto Aguilera 4. Metro San Bernardo

Cines Conde Duque Goya: Goya 67. Metro Goya

Cines Conde Duque Santa Engracia: Santa Engracia 132. Metro Rios Rosas

Cinesa Proyecciones: Fuencarral 136. Metro Bilbao

Cines Palafox: Luchana 15. Metro Bilbao

Cines Paz: Fuencarral 125. Metro Bilbao

Cines Roxy A y B: Fuencarral 123. Metro Bilbao

La Dehesa – Chamartín: Calle Agustín de Foxá s/n. Metro Plaza de Castilla

Luchana: Luchana 38. Metro Bilbao

Warner Luso Mundo Príncipe Pío: Paseo de la Florida s/n. Metro Príncipe Pío

Original version theaters

Alphaville Gollem: Martín de los Heros 14. Metro Plaza de España

Renoir Cuatro Caminos: Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 10. Metro Cuatro Caminos

Renoir Plaza de España: Martín de los Heros 12. Metro Plaza de España

Renoir Princesa: Princesa 5. Metro Plaza de España

Renoir Retiro: Narváez 42. Metro Ibiza

Verdi: Bravo Murillo 28. Metro Quevedo

Yelmo Cineplex Ideal: Doctor Cortezo 6. Metro Tirso de Molina

Independent film theaters

Bellas Artes Cine Estudio (Fine Arts Movie Studio): Marqués de Casa Riera 2. Metro Banco de España

Filmoteca de Madrid: Santa Isabel 3. Metro Antón Martín

La Enana Marrón: Travesía de San Mateo 8. Metro Alonso Martínez

Pequeño Cine Estudio (Small Film Studio): Magallanes 1. Metro Quevedo

Cines Renoir Princesa near Plaza de España

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