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Madrid: Opera, theatre, musicals and shows

Madrid is a city with a varied cultural agenda that renews itself every year. The cultural tradition manifests itself in the high number of theatres that fill its streets, the majority with centuries of history. The offer of opera, classical music and theatre is concentrated in a smaller number of theatres Seasonal musicals and shows have occupied the billboards of many of the oldest theatres in Madrid. Some of the most visited web sites for buying tickets for any of these shows are telentrada y servicaixa.

Madrid: Opera, theatre, Musicals and Shows Piano, classical music and modern dance performances in Madrid Opera and music in Madrid
Teatro Real of Madrid from the Palacio Real
Teatro Real of Madrid
The Symphony Hall and the Chamber Hall of the Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid
Teatro Español
Opera, classical music and recitals

National Music Auditorium in MadridOperas are held at the Teatro Real (Plaza de Isabel II. Metro Ópera), located in front of the Palacio Real in the Plaza de Oriente. The Teatro Real was built in the 19th century as a center of scenic representations for royalty and noblemen. The neoclassical building has nine floors. After going through periods of decadence, the Teatro Real reopened its doors in 1997 with a program that brings all the years to date. The program information can be found on their web site. The majority of the shows are opera, but sometimes classical music and classic or modern dance performances are held there. The Teatro Real also offers guided tours for 4€ (free for children under 7). The tour hours are from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the week and from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The Auditorio Nacional de Música, or National Music Auditorium, (Príncipe de Vergara 146. Metro Cruz del Rayo) is another artistic and cultural center in Madrid. The building, inaugurated in 1988, is headquarters to the National Chorus and National Orchestra. The program of the Auditorio Nacional de Música is centered on classical music. Its web site offers detailed information about its calendar of shows and performances.

Theatre in Madrid

The Teatro Español (Príncipe 25. Metro Sol) is located at the central Plaza de Santa Ana. It usually has Spanish comedies and classics like Calderón, Lorca and Poncela. The building, built in the 16th century, is a true reflection of the old comedic open-air auditoriums. The interior, as well as the acoustics, is unbeatable. The ticket prices range from 15€ to 32€, according to the reserved seat.

The Teatro de la Zarzuela (Jovellanos 4. Metro Sol) was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The theatre was initially dedicated to Zarzuela shows, a dramatic genre with Spanish music that combines spoken scenes with song and dance scenes. Nowadays, the theatre alternates its function: zarzuela, ballet, theatre, classical dance... The highlight is the excellent conservation of the building both inside and outside. It is recommended to check the program and ticket availability on their web site.

The Teatro Maravillas (Manuela Malasaña 6. Metro Bilbao) is a theatre focused on current shows. The building, torn down in 1999 for safety reasons, was reopened in 2005. Its interior is modern and well laid out. From its 400 seats one can see the best of Spain’s actors and actresses. It is recommended to visit their web site for the program and price of tickets.

Teatro Alfil (Pez 10. Metro Noviciado). This theatre is known for its choice over the past 30 years to select alternative shows that, in many cases, turned out very well. The hall, with a very small capacity, has a bar that offers drinks while you enjoy the show. The best Spanish artists have appeared on stage here. The Teatro Alfil is essential for the most modern. Ticket prices do not usually exceed 18€. More information on the official web site.

Seasonal Musicals and Shows in Madrid

Along with opera, classical music and theatre, Madrid is also known for the diversity of shows that are constantly offered. The most popular shows in the last years have been musicals. In fact, many of the old large theatres in Madrid now do not offer theatre, but instead center on the shows of the moment. Some of the most classic theatres in Madrid, such as the Teatro Lope de Vega, Teatro Calderón and the Teatro Rialto Rialto now offer the current musicals. The program varies every season, therefore it is recommended to check guides like La Netro or Metrópoli.

During the spring and summer months, the City Hall organizes open-air concerts in different parts of the city. This musical and cultural summer program is known as the Veranos (Summers) de la Villa. Highlights include the concerts held at the Centro Cultural de Conde Duque (Conde Duque 9. Metro San Bernardo). The Centro Cultural Conde Duque is an old military building, turned into a newspaper archive and library, which uses its rooms as improvised expositions and hall patio for open-air concerts.

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