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Chueca: Gay Stores and Shops in Madrid

Chueca offers a more modern and contemporary selection of shops in Madrid. This includes not just clothing stores, but accessories, gifts and décor as well. Any of the narrow streets of the neighborhood hide a locale that will surprise with its interior design and offers.

Chueca shop Düoh: decor stores in Chueca

The clothing and decor stores in Chueca are known for their style and innovation. The specialty and the erotic gay shops stand out with a wide selection of fetish products, videos and clothes. The majority of the shops respect the shopping hours of Madrid and open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (except for Sundays and holidays). We list some interesting shops, but keep in mind there are many more than those provided.

Lotta Vintage (Calle Hernán Cortés 9. Metro Chueca)

This vintage clothing store is characterized by its retro” decoration. Gucci, Loewe, and Dior are some of the brands sold here, besides clothing designed by the store itself.

Düoh (Calle Fuencarral 22. Metro Gran Vía)

This interior design store is known for its designer furniture as well as home accessories, all with a distinct touch of design and originality.

Maison Blanche (Calle Piamonte 10. Metro Chueca)

This Chueca locale combines a gourmet store with a cafeteria and restaurant. In its aisles you can find anything from select wines to kitchen utensils, salsas, candies and all types of delicatessen products. Restaurant highlights include simple dishes with a modern touch.

Le plus chic. Desayuno con diamantes (Gravina 12. Metro Chueca)

This small eatery combines aromatherapy with chromotherapy (color therapy). Among its services, one that stands out is the specialty breakfast that can be delivered to anywhere in the country with a 24-hour advance order. For example, the “Le Plus Chic” breakfast sent to wish dreams to come true and is predominantly white in color.

Spa Relajarse (Calle Barquillo 43. Metro Chueca)

This spot offers esthetic services based on oriental techniques. Its objective is to take care of the patients from within as well as on the outside. It offers a special couples package that combines an oxygenating massage, Turkish bath, Moet & Chandon with a strawberry tray, and dinner. Its Web site lists prices and availability.

Berkana bookstore (Calle Hortaleza 64. Metro Chueca)

This bookstore was the first in Spain to specialize in the gay-lesbian theme. Its products range from books to erotic photography, postcards, magazines and videos as well as gifts, agendas, calendars and shirts.

Sr. Goma (Calle Libertad 37. Metro Chueca)

This small shop, called the “condom store of Madrid”, offers all types and varieties of condoms. For the imaginative, there are also edible panties, erotic aprons, body paints, chocolate and strawberry sauces, joke objects and erotic toys on sale.

Sin sentido comics (Calle Válgame Dios 6. Metro Chueca)

Bookstore and showroom specialized in comics sales for conventional readers and collectors. Also, the interior is an interesting with its combination of sales room and improvised art gallery.

Maison Blanche: gourmet store with a cafeteria and restaurant. Chueca, Madrid.
Berkana: Gay and lesbian bookstore in Chueca, Madrid.
Sin sentido comics, bookstore in Chueca, Madrid.

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