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Madrid shopping malls and department stores

Shopping mall centers are the ideal option for combining leisure, shopping and family in Madrid. The large shopping mall centers are spread out all along the edge of Madrid and are easily reached. Some of the most visited Madrid shopping malls are Madrid-Xanadú, Plaza-Norte, Las Rozas Village, Príncipe Pío and Dreams Palacio de Hielo (Palace of Ice). The combination of shopping and leisure is well complemented at El Corté Inglés, the biggest chain of department stores in Spain.

Madrid-Xanadú Commercial and Leisure Center [more info]

Xanadú shopping center mall in MadridIndoor ski slope in Madrid-Xanadú shopping mallXanadú is one of the largest shopping centers in Madrid. It has movie theatres, restaurants and more than 250 stores open year-round. The main claim Madrid-Xanadú has is the largest indoor ski slope in Europe. The snow park puts out 24,000 square meters on two slopes, one for beginners and one for experts. The ski slopes, open year-round, can be observed from the cafés and restaurants located above the park. Also available are a go-kart racing track, a mini amusement park, a bowling alley, preschool, movie theatres, all types of shops and a wide variety of restaurants.

Plaza Norte Shopping Center [more info]

CPlaza Norte 2 shopping mall, Madrid Plaza Norte 2 shopping mall center in Madrid

Designed by the Chapman Taylor London Partners architectural firm, the same that designed Terminal Three of Heathrow Airport, this shopping center offers visitors more than 200 stores, 25 restaurants, cafés and movie theatres.

The most charismatic image of this mall is its impressive 35-meter dome. The center is decorated with Venetian-style lamps, large chandeliers, marble floors, columns, staircases and balconies. The Plaza Norte 2 shopping mall is an excellent example of uniting elements of past centuries with 21st-century technology for the comfort and enjoyment of the visitors.

Las Rozas Village [more info]

Las Rozas Village is a small, open-air city, whose architecture reminds one of the coastal cities of the 21st Century, but still has some of outlet stores of the large national and international brands.

Versace, Carolina Herrera, Puricación García and Hugo Boss are some of the 50 brands that one can find in this shopping city. All of them offer past season products with discounts between 40% and 60%.

At just 30 minutes from the capital, Las Rozas Village offers the possibility of being far from the bustle of the city in a pleasant setting. In between purchases, one can enjoy any of its cafés and restaurants.

Príncipe Pío Shopping Center [more info]

Príncipe Pío Shopping mall in MadridGoing shopping here is like going back to the 19th century. The ancient railroad station of Príncipe Pío was restored and converted into a shopping mall respecting its original structure. Today this old station is home to stores, restaurants, movie theatres along with local trains and the subway.

Very well located, Príncipe Pío is 100 meters from the Royal Palace and the Almudena. Access to the shopping center is available by talking a walk through the royal gardens from Puerta del Sol.

Dreams Palacio de Hielo [more info]

The Dreams Palace de Hielo is a shopping, leisure and sports center with one of the best ice skating rinks in all of Europe. Along with the shopping it offers movies, restaurants, as well as an indoor pool, a gymnasium, a solarium and a bowling alley. The ice rink is 1800 square meters, which can been seen from the cafés that surround it from above.

El Corte Inglés [more info]

El Corte Inglés is the largest chain store in Spain. In its large department stores one can find almost anything. El Corte Inglés has many buildings all over Madrid. The quality and service are excellent in all stores, though along with that excellence come higher prices than other stores.

Along with the department store products, El Corte Inglés offers all types of alternative services: travel agencies, hair salons, real estate and insurance agencies. Each one of their buildings also has specialization in a specific product: fashion, sports, music, etc.

El Corte Inglés is also found in many of the large shopping centers on the outskirts of Madrid, such as Xanadú. The most centrally located buildings in Madrid are:

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