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Arriving & leaving Madrid by Bus. Bus stations

The bus is the cheapest form of transport for getting around Spain. In most cases it is a relatively quick and quality form of transportation. Often it is faster than traveling by train (especially along the Spanish coast).

Méndez Álvaro Station and Avenida América StationSpain does not have a national bus line that operates all over the country. Different private companies have lines to all destinations across the Spanish map.

In Madrid there are two large stations from which the majority of the buses running through Spain and parts of Europe depart: Méndez Álvaro and Avenida América.

Méndez Alvaro Station, formerly Sur StationMéndez Álvaro Station, formerly Sur Station (Avenida Méndez Alvaro 77), is the main bus station in Madrid and the one with the most bus lines available. Most of the buses with international and national destinations depart from here. The station is located in the southern zone of Madrid’s centro, close to the Atocha station. It is also a metro station (Metro Méndez Álvaro). The station offers a checkroom, eateries, ATMs and shops. For more info visit their web site.

At the Avenida de America Station (Avenida de América 5. Metro Avenida América) one can find buses heading to different cities in Spain as well as the majority of the intercity lines that connect Madrid with nearby cities. To see the complete list of buses of the intercity lines, it is recommended to visit the web site of the Consorcio de Transportes de la Comunidad de Madrid.

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